Monday, 19 January 2015

My Week

Week 8
19th January 2015

This week has flown by, and to think I come home next year!

Lots of finding this week, a few lessons and a lot of walking! I'm used to the walking already, I haven't had any problems with it so far. 

We had training on Wednesday for our Zone. There's only 14 of us in the Zone, 12 elders and 2 sisters. 

On Saturday I committed one of our new investigators to baptism on the first lesson and she said yes! We have her goal date to be February 21, so we will continue to teach her.

Yesterday we had a tropical storm warning and we were told to stay inside and not go to work after church. Crazy weather.. rained hard all day and night, and it's not even rainy season!  

My companion and I don't go to the markets, we just go to the local supermarket which is about a 1 minute walk from our apartment. 

We usually have 1 or 2 dinner appointments a week. Otherwise we go to Big Mac for dinner and eat the 16 inch hotdogs :)  For breakfast we usually eat bread and energen. For lunch we go to a eatery nearby and eat rice and whatever we want on top.

I've eaten some interesting stuff that tastes nice! Thursday night at a members home I ate fried Chicken intestines HAHAHA. It was nice as, I'll be honest.

The chapel is a 5 minute walk away, it's in our proselyting area, so we walk to church every Sunday. Most people catch tricycles, jeepneys or walk, which we also do during the week.

On P-day we generally clean our place and e-mail, as well as washing. After that we go to a members home.

I've been playing  basketball once a week with our branch.. I keep trying to dunk it over people to no avail, I guess I'll have to stick to fast breaks with no one in the way... hahaha

I didn't get to take any photos this week - have to get the camera checked out next PDay and my companion didn't have any either.

FYI -  Energen, milk with cereal and oats enriched with complete nutrition

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