Monday, 26 January 2015

Sick :(

Week 9
26th January 2015

Everything was only just OKAY this week. From Tuesday I had headaches and LBM, but I kept working, thinking it would go away. We set another baptismal date that day too. 

On Wednesday, we went to our District Meeting - I still wasn't feeling well, but I carried on anyway, the work doesn't stop for anyone. I just worked away, like I wasn't sick. 

Thursday was okay too, same problem different day. We went to an investigators home and set a FHE for tonight with the whole family, I'm looking forward to it.

Later that night though, after we had retired to bed, was when the problems started happening. My companion and I woke up, looked at each other, and ran downstairs, one to the sink and one to the bathroom, which proceeded to us throwing up. We were both up all night throwing up and on the toilet, it was not a good night. It continued on in the morning, which is when we decided we weren't going to work. We stayed in all day, and avoided eating anything lest we throw it back up. All day, and all night it was like that.

Saturday was a bit more of the same, we stayed in again because I could barely move out of bed. We didn't eat until nearly 3pm because we didn't want to throw up, but then we were too hungry. 

Feeling a bit better we went to the chapel and played basketball on Saturday night, I took it pretty easy.

Yesterday we went to church, no investigators were there because we didn't get to visit them on Friday and Saturday. 

We went to work at about 3pm after studies then went to the Branch Mission Leader's home for a dinner appointment. After that, we went back to the other missionaries apartment to stay the night.

We gave some service this morning. We went to an elderly lady's home and cleaned up her plantation, and washed her big blankets. 

Now, we are just in the computer shop doing our e-mails before we get to do our shopping and then off to FHE later tonight.

We don't have air-conditioning in the flat, though the flat is fine.  It's a bit dirty, but it has 4 walls, a roof, a door, electricity, a fridge, beds etc. All the necessities. 

We didn't get to buy anything good last week, we only bought canned food and rice, but usually we eat out for lunch and dinner. Breakfast is energen or noodles, or both.

I haven't taught a full lesson yet, my language progress was halted this week because I have been unwell, and studying would have made my headache 10x worse.

In my ward there are 120-180 active members, but lots of less-actives. What I've heard, there are over 600+ inactive members in the branch.  

I'll be in San Pablo next Thursday for my training check-up, and then Saturday I'll be in San Pablo again for a mission tour - the General Young Mens President will be here.

No photos again this week - just haven't had the time to get the camera sorted.

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  1. Awwww Elder Crichton, couldn't help the tears with this update, we have you all in our daily prayers. Sending lots of hugs, energy and blessings during the rest of your journey. Love loads, Makai family xx