Sunday, 1 February 2015

Good Week!

Week 10

02 February 2015

This week was a good week!

I'm feeling much better now, I now know to bless my food every single time I eat regardless of what it is!!

After recovering we went on exchanges with some of the other missionaries on Tuesday and Friday. A lot of work was done, we had 2 baptismal dates before the week started, and yesterday we finished with 9!

As a companionship, Elder Richards and I got the best key indicators since we've been together as a companionship. But it's not about the numbers, it's about the people behind the numbers. 

So this last week we had three dinner appointments. We have a less-active family that we visit weekly, and they feed us fried chicken! They now know it's my favourite so that's all they feed us missionaries, with rice of course. :) Our Branch Mission Leader fed us on Saturday night before we opened our fast too. 

The training check-up is not until this Thursday, and the Mission Tour is not until this Saturday. Looking forward to it though, I get to see my batch and catch up with them all. The mission tour should be good too, all of our mission except 3 zones which are over 7 hours travel time away will be there, keen to meet some other missionaries, and of course see my batch again. A lot of work time will be taken out though, with travel time to and from San Pablo, as well as the time spent being in the meetings. We haven't planned any work for those two days in case we get stuck, or decide to hang around for a bit longer and spend time with the other missionaries.

Yesterday we went to Siniloan (the biggest town in our zone) to withdraw our support money for the month. My companion and I  just made it with our monthly support. I had 5 pesos to my name by the time we got to Siniloan. It feels so good to have money now though. :) 

We were supposed to give service today, but the member postponed it until tomorrow. Luckily for us, the appointments I set during the week were only for the night, not during the day. We're cleaning out a members pond of the mud in there so it can be a clean pond!

The language is coming along okay, I can say a fair bit here and there but I have a long ways to go before I nail the language in near fluency. Luckily for me, most of the members and investigators can understand basic English so when I teach and talk to people, I mix Tagalog and English in together. Oh how much easier it would be if I was assigned to an English speaking mission!

We met an Indian man here who speaks fluent Tagalog... he has a strong Indian accent even when speaking Tagalog! 

Got some photos from my companion - only two though. We don't really care for taking photos, just bringing souls unto Christ. :) Personally if I wanted to take photos, I would have gone on a holiday, not come out here to serve the Lord!! :) 

Only 21 months more to go HAHAHAHA.

Dinner at the Branch Mission Leaders home on Saturday.

Doing some washing!

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