Tuesday, 15 November 2016

I'm coming home!!

Week 103
14th November 2016

Just signing out from my mission.... See you on Thursday!!!

Sunday, 13 November 2016

This is my last full week here!

Week 102
7th November 2016

This week we had my last district meeting ever, and also exchanges with Calamba 2nd Elders. The week was really enjoyable. I had a lot of fun throughout the week.

This whole week it was raining like crazy! It was insane. It rained all day for the whole week, and it was the worst. It was nearly impossible to get to the area we work in, and then it was really muddy. Now that the sun is out I'm hoping I have more enthusiasm this week to go out and work.

Yesterday the couple missionaries that look after our zone & San Pablo zone came to church in our branch. We lost our phone, so we had no idea. I was getting ready when they rocked up, so I had to rush to finish getting ready. It was good to be driven to church in the air-conditioning instead of catching a tricycle/ walking in the heat. Church was good too!

In other irrelevant news, I've started packing my suitcases! HAHA. 99% of my clothes that I'll be bringing home are all packed in the big suitcase. I definitely won't use all of the 30KG weight limit, because I'm bringing back almost nothing! I'm leaving behind so much stuff.

We just finished our district p-day today, and we went bowling. It was good fun.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Getting close to the end!

Week 101
31st October 2016

This week was an ordinary week. Work, work, and work. On Tuesday, we had exchanges with the Calamba 2nd Ward Elders. I was with Elder Abad in their area, so that was a fun day.

Wednesday was my 2nd last District meeting ever! That was weird to think that. Even worse is this week is my last one, as in my last Wednesday will be at a Zone Training Meeting. This week at district meeting, I'm going to give my last workshop ever, so that I can try & keep myself busy. Hopefully it all comes off well.

I've been doing my best in my District to get my District working hard to do our part, and so far, so good! A lot of scheduled baptisms, so all is hoping that the investigators go through with it.

We had a district p-day earlier this morning, and we were supposed to go bowling but the bowling alley was closed! So we walked around some university ground and took photos.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Week 100!

Week 100
24th October 2016

Everything is okay here, nothing much happened. The 2nd storm didn't even hit us, we just got a few clouds, not too sure about up the north of the Philippines though, I had one Elder in my district who's a bit worried because it struck his province bad, but hoping all is well.

We had 2 sets of exchanges this week. Our first was with the Calamba 1 Elders, and that was good. I worked in their area with Elder De Guia. Our second set of exchanges was with the Zone Leaders, and this time I was in my own area with Elder Agana, who is one of the Elders in my batch.

We had church on Sunday, and the attendance was at 50+ which was great! Really happy with that attendance, even though we had no investigators at church. We also have no investigators progressing, so we have to go out and find some who will progress. Hopefully the end of the mission comes soon, I'm stressed about the lack of progress!

On Thursday we also had emails with President & Sister Mangum. They were cool, we basically talked about me and my plans when I go home. We'll see how those plans work out.

Sorry don't have much to say, and sort of trunky of e-mailing you guys.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Typhoons = Wet Weather

Week 99
17th October 2016

Well the storm didn't hit us really badly at all. We have another one coming in through Wednesday & Thursday, a lot stronger than the last one on Saturday. Don't really know what's going to happen this time around, but we just been told to stay indoors & not go out. It's been raining here for almost 3 weeks straight, and another week of rain seems almost certain. Rain isn't the best for a happy mood.

We have 3 new missionaries in our district, so everyone got to meet the new faces at our first district meeting last Wednesday. In district meeting I gave the workshop this time to set the tone for the transfer, and basically talked about diligence. Well, with the weather the way it is, I don't think anyone will be working much this week. Pretty stressing too, because our area is far away, and a bit too far to help anyone in my district.

Our work was okay. This area will progress very slow at the rate that the work is moving at now. People here are so hard to teach! The area we work in is pretty much all poor people, and drugs are everywhere in the area.

This week was supposed to be a busy week with 2 sets of exchanges, but we'll see how that goes with the weather being the way it is. We also have interviews on Thursday with the Mission President.