Saturday, 29 October 2016

Week 100!

Week 100
24th October 2016

Everything is okay here, nothing much happened. The 2nd storm didn't even hit us, we just got a few clouds, not too sure about up the north of the Philippines though, I had one Elder in my district who's a bit worried because it struck his province bad, but hoping all is well.

We had 2 sets of exchanges this week. Our first was with the Calamba 1 Elders, and that was good. I worked in their area with Elder De Guia. Our second set of exchanges was with the Zone Leaders, and this time I was in my own area with Elder Agana, who is one of the Elders in my batch.

We had church on Sunday, and the attendance was at 50+ which was great! Really happy with that attendance, even though we had no investigators at church. We also have no investigators progressing, so we have to go out and find some who will progress. Hopefully the end of the mission comes soon, I'm stressed about the lack of progress!

On Thursday we also had emails with President & Sister Mangum. They were cool, we basically talked about me and my plans when I go home. We'll see how those plans work out.

Sorry don't have much to say, and sort of trunky of e-mailing you guys.

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