Sunday, 2 October 2016

Last Zone Conference ever!

Week 96
26th September 2016

This week was Zone Conference week! Hard to believe, but I just finished my last ever Zone Conference, so of course I had to make the most of it. I got to bear my testimony as part of being a missionary going home, and well, my name wouldn't be Elder Crichton if I didn't say something "unique" and make everyone laugh, so I told everyone right at the end of my testimony "I also know that I am extremely handsome." I closed straight away after that and sat down. Needless to say people will remember me for a long time, haha. Well, a testimony is saying things that are eternal truths that you know to be true, and me being extremely handsome is an eternal truth, hahahaha. I enjoyed seeing everyone again, especially those I won't see again before I go home. 

Other than that was a lot of work. Tuesday was my exchanges with Elder De Guia, and it was a good exchanges. I got to know Elder De Guia a lot better, and work with him.

Yesterday we had Calamba 3rd branch conference, and our meetinghouse was full!... mostly of stake leaders visiting, I would say they took up half the congregation, but still, it was good to see so many faces at church! All of the leaders asked me what number area this area is for me, and it's weird telling them "This is my last area." It just doesn't seem right that I'm going home so soon, and I almost don't want to go home just yet.

Yesterday we had a miracle as we left the meetinghouse. We walked down to the road, and a jeepney driver pulled over and asked us "Is this the Mormon church?" We answered yes, and he told us that he was taught before in another area, and then they moved into our area. His name is "Toto" and he wants us to go back on Friday, and teach his whole family. He told us that he thinks what we teach is a great message, and wants to start being taught again.

This week will be a normal week! I don't have any exchanges this week, which will let me relax and just focus on my area for the whole week. Got a few things to do, so we will be busy.

My birthday this week haha. We have a District Meeting that day then a pizza lunch with everyone. They will be about 26 of us.

Just washing and whatever for the rest of today... we were supposed to have exchanges but that got scrapped because the other companionship is off to San Pablo.

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