Sunday, 9 October 2016

Birthday and last transfer!

Week 97
03rd October 2016

Birthday was cool. I was trying to get away with not having my birthday be a big deal, but my district made it a big deal in District Meeting. They bought me a cake that said "Happy Birthday Elder Crichton" and gave me cards from each companionship. Most of the Zone also rocked up for lunch at Shakeys, and so did the Assistants.

We had a good week, and yesterday we had a miracle at church. We spoke to our investigator who wasn't able to be baptized because her in-active partner & her aren't married. What ended up happening is that brother ended up just leaving the household. Even though it's not ideal for a couple to seperate, her partner was the only thing stopping her & her children from being baptized. We're going to be re-teaching them all the lessons so that they can get baptized as soon as possible. We're all pretty excited!

Conducted another baptism interview yesterday, the lady has her baptism scheduled for Sunday. One thing that amazed me was that she had been going to church since 2009, and not until 2015 did she find out that she had to be baptized to become a member of the church! Taught me that it's really important for members to pass their friends they bring to church to the missionaries as soon as possible, so that non-members aren't left hanging out in the dark for as long as this sister was.

This week is transfer week, which means I have 6 weeks left. It's weird to think how fast time went, but it's almost my expiry date so I'm going to do my best to sprint right until the end.

I'll send photos next week - forgot to bring the card reader.

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