Sunday, 16 October 2016

First day of last transfer!

Week 98
10th October 2016

This week was okay. It was transfer week, which means today is the first day of the new transfer, and also my last transfer ever! Weird to think that...

Obviously conference this weekend was the highlight. It was a long Saturday though, sitting through 6 hours of video was really tiring, and Sunday was worse! I tried so hard not to black out and sleep through conference, because I know that I needed to take notes of things that were said in the talks. Happy to say that I didn't fall asleep! 

We had a Zone lunch on Sunday in between the two meetings, and there was a lot of food! After conference, we all celebrated 2 of our missionaries reaching their 1 year mark in their missions. It's a big thing, but it's weird to think mine was ages ago, almost a year ago in fact.

Bad news is that our investigator who I talked about last week cannot be baptized again. Her partner came back, and the situation is messy at the moment. While the partner is there, we aren't allowed to go visit the house, because he doesn't want us there. Oh well. Not much me & my companion can do.

Sorry the e-mail is so short, not much happened.  Sorry no photos, computer being not reading my card.

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