Sunday, 23 October 2016

Typhoons = Wet Weather

Week 99
17th October 2016

Well the storm didn't hit us really badly at all. We have another one coming in through Wednesday & Thursday, a lot stronger than the last one on Saturday. Don't really know what's going to happen this time around, but we just been told to stay indoors & not go out. It's been raining here for almost 3 weeks straight, and another week of rain seems almost certain. Rain isn't the best for a happy mood.

We have 3 new missionaries in our district, so everyone got to meet the new faces at our first district meeting last Wednesday. In district meeting I gave the workshop this time to set the tone for the transfer, and basically talked about diligence. Well, with the weather the way it is, I don't think anyone will be working much this week. Pretty stressing too, because our area is far away, and a bit too far to help anyone in my district.

Our work was okay. This area will progress very slow at the rate that the work is moving at now. People here are so hard to teach! The area we work in is pretty much all poor people, and drugs are everywhere in the area.

This week was supposed to be a busy week with 2 sets of exchanges, but we'll see how that goes with the weather being the way it is. We also have interviews on Thursday with the Mission President.

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