Sunday, 13 November 2016

This is my last full week here!

Week 102
7th November 2016

This week we had my last district meeting ever, and also exchanges with Calamba 2nd Elders. The week was really enjoyable. I had a lot of fun throughout the week.

This whole week it was raining like crazy! It was insane. It rained all day for the whole week, and it was the worst. It was nearly impossible to get to the area we work in, and then it was really muddy. Now that the sun is out I'm hoping I have more enthusiasm this week to go out and work.

Yesterday the couple missionaries that look after our zone & San Pablo zone came to church in our branch. We lost our phone, so we had no idea. I was getting ready when they rocked up, so I had to rush to finish getting ready. It was good to be driven to church in the air-conditioning instead of catching a tricycle/ walking in the heat. Church was good too!

In other irrelevant news, I've started packing my suitcases! HAHA. 99% of my clothes that I'll be bringing home are all packed in the big suitcase. I definitely won't use all of the 30KG weight limit, because I'm bringing back almost nothing! I'm leaving behind so much stuff.

We just finished our district p-day today, and we went bowling. It was good fun.

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