Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fun in Naujan

Week 21
20 April 2015

So this week was a better week as we served in our area, with all the normal things that happen in a week. 

On Friday we had exchanges, and so my companion went with our District Leader to serve in  Victoria, and I stayed in Pola with Elder Herrin. Our exchanges went well.

We actually ended up playing basketball for a couple of hours before going out, where we had a fairly successful day.

We went to church on Sunday, of course, and we had a meeting with the Branch President. He expressed to us the concerns he has, and he actually doesn't have much idea on what else he can do as a Branch President. So we counselled with him, and I told him that if he needs any help with anything, to ask us, and we will try our best to help him.

Anyway, so last night we went to Naujan so that we could start preparing for Zone P-day. We're  staying in Naujan tonight..... back to Pola tomorrow.

We had a big feed today, and part of the process of preparing for this feed was killing and cooking a pig. So all of the Elders were up all night preparing the umu and then cooking the pig.   I helped with the gutting of the pig and preparing the fire for the cooking.

Today we had a solid day...we played sport, ate, and the whole Zone just had a great time. It was good to be with the whole Zone, because everyone here just makes everything fun.

President Magnum comes to visit with us on Mindoro Island on the 30th and we get to meet with him on the 1st May.

The computers are playing up and I did switch computers so I can try send photos.. but no luck.  Will try again next week.

Prepping dinner!

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