Saturday, 19 September 2015

Transfer Week

Week 42
14th September 2015

Transfers was long. We left Mindoro on Wednesday straight after our district meeting. We caught the boat to Batangas City, where we met up with the STL's who took us to the Batangas Chapel. We met the Batangas 1st Elders there, and they took us to their house to drop off our stuff, before me, Elder Calianga, Elder Estarez, and Elder Hapi went off to the Batangas SM to get a feed. We hit the Pizza Hut, and we ordered tonnes of food. 5 pizzas, 2 things of fish and chips, 2 garlic bread, and bottomless drinks. I couldn't even walk after that feed, but we went off to get some stuff. Elder Hapi and I ended up buying new bags for travel, big duffy bags that matched haha.

Thursday morning, we got up and left at around 8.30AM, and caught the bus to Santo Tomas. We stayed at Santo Tomas for ages! We were there relaxing, and catching up with missionaries who we haven't seen in a while, and some I won't see at least for another 4 months. We caught a bus to San Pablo at around 2PM, and the bus went directly to Lucena, so I dropped my travel-mates off, and went directly to Lucena. It was a long ride! So boring, especially because it was just me by myself. Got to Lucena, then another 2 hour ride to Antimonan, before another 30 minute bus to Gumaca. Didn't like the travel, and got in just before 8PM. I wanted to unpack and sleep, as I had no energy, but my companion and I went to visit someone.... 

We have had a good first few days, and my companion was commenting on how many lessons we got in the 3 days that I have been here. I told my companion that we would average at least 20 lessons a week, and try to get 30-40 lessons at least twice while we are together.

Church was cool, because we visited some less-actives during the week, and we had some of them come to church, and it was the first time my companion had seen them at church since he'd been in the area. Just from that, I felt like I might have some success in this area, if I can keep working hard and pushing to teach as many people as possible.

We actually have a few possible investigators that could be baptized as early as the first week of October, if they keep moving along and attending church. We will continue to work hard with them and help them stay converted in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Other news, my Zone Conference is this Wednesday. I'm actually going to be sleeping in Lucena on Tuesday night, and I'm staying with one of my old companions, Elder Erickson! An anticipated re-union for sure. Elder Aisa called up last night too, as my new Zone Leader, and told me his family now lives in Brisbane, so he'll be going home to Brisbane, not Cairns. We'll be catching up soon, and hopefully going on some exchanges.

Only two weeks until my birthday, and next week will be 10 months long in the mission. Crazy how fast time goes, and I hope it continues to go by fast, while I work hard, and before you know it, I'll be home.

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