Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Zone Conference

Week 43
21 September 2015

This week was terrific to be honest, never been so obedient in my entire life lol. However it was a great week. We worked on Monday night, and left to Lucena for Zone Conference on Tuesday. We caught a van with all the Lopez City missionaries, and me, Elder Aisa, and Elder Faka'i were just talking about things that only Australians can talk about. Poor Elder Reed who was in between us, said he sounded weird when surrounded by us three.

The Zone Conference was great! So much learned, and lots of missionaries to catch up with. There was 9 of us from my batch in our Zone Conference, and it was great to catch up with them all. Afterwards, we hit up Macca's and had a feed with the batch. On Tuesday night, Elder Akroyd and I caught up in the SM, and we bought matching cardigans, and rocked them to Zone Conference. There was so many confused missionaries when we said that we weren't companions, haha. 

Didn't get the package though, didn't arrive in time, so I hit up the Office Elders and they said for me to text them, and they will send it to me through the LBC. Got some new office elders, and they both heaps cool.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were days of hard work, but we still were able to spend an hour or 2 relaxing every day. Numbers wise, this was my companions best ever week, as we had 28 lessons, with 2 days off for Zone conference. My companion is excited, and I told him we'd try and get 40+ lessons this week.

We have some baptisms coming up in October, so I'm pretty excited about the work, and hopefully I can continue to have this motivation to work. The ward is small, but I'm happy to be here, and hopefully I can continue to love it. Just hoping that it stays good, but I don't stay here for another 6 months, because I want to see more of the mission.

Next week I'm 19! Never would have thought that the time would go by so fast that I would be 19 next week. Today is the 10 month mark in the mission, and I guess the next 10 months will go by as fast as the last 10......

Coming up this week isn't too much, Zone meeting on Wednesday, and Elder Aisa already asked me to give the talk.  I'm talking on the Book of Mormon - already organised before I went to sleep last night. Other than that, a full week of work, my companion's birthday on Friday, and hopefully 40 lessons.

After here, off to eat, go shop, then get out to work. Shooting for 5 lessons tonight, so we'll be busy. The families are cool, but not looking like getting meals. All good, used to it.

7 of the 9 batch.

My first district re-united almost.

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