Sunday, 4 October 2015

Turning 19!

Week 44
28th September 2015

Yeah it's my birthday today, but no big deal. We just played some ball and smashed some Macca's, but not too much done. Some of the Elders in other Zones called me up and wished me a happy birthday too. A member is cooking us dinner tonight too.  A tradition here in the Philippines Mission - the birthday missionary buys lunch for the other missionaries.. so I bought lunch for everyone.

This last week was a solid week. We had Zone Training Meeting, and we were given our challenge by our Zone Leaders, Elder Aisa and Elder De Sosa, to get 4 lessons every day. Surprisingly, it's no way near as hard as it sounded. We managed to work 30 lessons, which is the most I've ever hit in the mission.

We actually got a baptism coming up on October 9, and another solid scheduled for October 31, and a last solid baptism scheduled for November 21, which happens to be my 1 year mark. Still trying to invite all these other investigators to church, as those 3 that are scheduled for baptism are the only ones coming at the moment. I'm trying to invite at least 10 investigators to church.

Lately I've tried a different style of teaching. Open up the Book of Mormon, read a couple of verses in different chapters, and ask questions. It's worked a lot better, because instead of me telling the answer to a question, they figure it out themselves, and sometimes they resolve their own concerns.

We didn't do much for my companion's birthday on Friday, just missionary work, but some members had prepared a little food for him, so we hit there for dinner.

Haven't got the box either, still in the office. Should be getting it on October 9, on the day of interviews with President. Apparently I have 2 packages in the office, so I'm not sure if it's from the Otene's or from Popo and Granddad. I'll find out either way. Or maybe by then I'll have 3 packages!

This week we have got a baptismal interview on Friday, and a Zone service on Saturday, but I'm not sure if we're going to go. Other than that, tonnes more work, and hopefully more people to church!

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