Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Busy with the work!

Week 45
05th October 2015

We're doing pretty well, we had a fairly solid week in terms of work. This week I did get sick for a couple of days, but still went out to work because we had a lot of set appointments for those days. We even had 5 different investigators at church this week, which was cool. I think it's the most I've ever had come to church in one Sunday too.

This week, we have a pretty busy week. The first thing is on Wednesday, we have our Zone Training Meeting for October. Friday morning/ afternoon, we have got our zone interviews, and thank goodness they're being held at our chapel, only 9 pesos pamasahe (travel fee, sort of... I don't know how to translate into direct English). Then that night, we have got our baptism! Heaps excited for it, and it happens to be our investigators birthday on Friday too, so perfect timing. Saturday, General Conference videos, and the same for Sunday. 

I got the packages this morning. The Zone Leaders were given 2 packages for me from the Office Elders, one from home and the other from the Otenes. Please tell them I said thanks.

My companion and I get along really well. He loves the new way of working, because we have doubled the total lessons taught per week. We had a "bad" week of sorts, and we still managed to get 25 lessons. He tells me all the time he feels a lot more relaxed, but at the same time we're getting much more work done.

The ward is small, we only have like 50 people come to church, and it's still a ward.  But, it's a bit more established than my last area - just need to invite back a lot more people to church, or invite more to be baptised into the fold, or both.

For the rest of the day we are just going to hang out here in Lopez, then head home this afternoon for more missionary work tonight.

Elder Crichton and Elder Snyder

A lot of people have nicknames in the Phillipines. These are Hazel AKA Jugie, Harry AKA Pie AKA Abs, and Henry (no nickname).

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