Sunday, 20 March 2016


Week 68
14th March 2016

This week finished pretty slow , but it was great at the beginning. 

We had our Zone Conference on Wednesday, and it was a great experience to learn more about becoming a better missionary, and gaining different perspectives on different things. It was also good to catch up with the other missionaries, and hang out for a little bit.  Also say thanks to the Kahu family for the money, keen to get their letters if they've been sent!

We didn't get back into Nasugbu until Thursday, but it took a toll. I've decided I hate travelling far distances, especially on over-crowded vans. Me and my companion weren't feeling well at all, so we had to rest a little, but we didn't end up working, because we weren't feeling up to the challenge.

Friday and Saturday were both late starts, both of us with different sicknesses/pains. We still got out to work and stuff, just not too much success, because of the very late starts we had.

Sunday was a good day, with another good as attendance at church, and we even had 5 investigators at church! 2 of those investigators are planning to be baptized in the next 4 weeks, with a possible 3rd being added at the end of the 4 weeks. Things are going really well here, but there is still so much more to do, and I don't think I will be here for too long. 

News I found out while in a meeting yesterday after church, is that Nasugbu branch is supposedly going to be split into 2 branches by April or May. That means 4 missionaries in our apartment hopefully! From what I've heard, having 4 missionaries in the apartment is fun as, so hopefully I get an opportunity to experience it here in Nasugbu.

We actually just got back from our Zone P-day. It was fun, it's a fun zone here, and a lot of new missionaries that were transferred into the zone. I believe that half our zone was transferred in only this last transfer day, with 2 missionaries in their first transfer of their missions. It feels like so long ago that I was in my training, but then it also feels like yesterday. I wouldn't know exactly how to explain the feeling of that, but it's weird, and cool, because I only have 8 months to go.

My companion is good, he's from here in the Philippines, from Tacloban, Leyte. That's the area where Uncle Marcus served, and where they were absolutely destroyed by typhoon Yolanda. Yep, my companion was in the thick of it all, and listening to his stories gives me chills every time he tells it to members and investigators, no matter how many times I have heard it now.

Actually, one of the members here in our branch served with Uncle Marcus back in the day, and still remembers him. Ask him if he knows an Elder Laguerta, or Richard Laguerta is his name. Said that him and Uncle Marcus were in the same zone, and he really liked him.

This next week, we're planning to do one weeks work, then catch up as much as we can from last week. We were talking to an RM in the branch who got home in only January, and he gave us his experience about how cool it is to baptize and focus on teaching a whole family. This week our goal is to find a family or 2, and we really want to see them baptized. I realize it won't be easy, but definitely will be worth it.

The church is true, the Spirit is strong, the Atonement is real, and I have a lot of things to do.

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