Thursday, 24 March 2016

Hectic Week!

Week 69
21 March 2016

This week was pretty hectic week for us too! This week was full of work, and then on the past weekend, we had the Balayan District Conference, and President Mangum wanted us all there for all of the sessions. It was a good conference, with record attendances at all of the meetings, so that was good.

Our work has been going really well, even though we weren't able to work on Saturday and most of Sunday. Our investigators are going really well, and we have 2 baptisms set for April 2! They're both progressing so well, and they're really excited to be baptized! The youth were really excited for one of our investigators, because he gets baptized, then they go on the District Youth Conference on Mindoro.

Things have been going really well for me and my companion, and we have been really enjoying the work. We're really pushing ourselves to get the best results out of ourselves every day, teach as many people as possible, and talk to as many people as possible.

We actually just got back from Lemery, as we attended the other district's P-day out there. The zone leaders and Elder Hapi asked us to come, so we headed out this morning, and it was a mean place.

This week we looking at smashing out as much work as possible, and getting our work on with our 2 investigators, and helping more get to the stage where they'll be close to being baptized. We have a solid pool of investigators, and we have a good number of less-actives that we visit, so we gonna be busy as. The best feeling definitely is going home at night and just being absolutely wasted.

One miracle we saw this week was that one of our super-inactive members came to church on Sunday. His partner is an investigator, and she really wants to be baptized, but she can't until they get married. We've been praying really hard for our investigator and her situation, and she's been really praying hard for her partner to return to church. And guess what, he came to church! It's only one step at a time, but things are just going so well, that I'm sure they will be married, and our investigator will be baptized at the right time. She's really humble, and what we've been repeating over and over again is to be patient and accept God's timing.

The Easter initiative of the church this Easter is #Hallelujah. It started March 13, and there is tonnes of videos to help people find the gospel. It's definitely a help with our work, as 90% of the people here believe in Jesus Christ, so it's a lot easier.

Got much to do, and I want to get it all done as soon as possible.

Teaching the recent converts the Plan of Salvation.

Brother Laguerta & Us

Krisha was excited to eat that.

Dinner with the Manuel family.

Went to Hogwarts.

Elders Hapi & Reed.

With my companion!

Mucking around.


Tower DAB!

Elder Portugal.

More clowning.

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