Friday, 1 April 2016

The work continues...

Week 70
28th March 2016

This week was good. We were able to go do some finding at my request, and we were able to find some new investigators that are pretty interested in the gospel. Since I've come to Nasugbu, I've gone away from finding a bit, and I don't know why. It was good to get back to finding, because back in Lopez Zone the other Elders in the zone used to call me "The Great Finder" haha, I guess my strength is finding new investigators.

Tuesday was a nightmare. I lost our companionship cellphone! It was so painful, I was stressed for ages about the phone, and we won't get our phone until like next week or something. Talk about consequences! I'll need money to pay the 800 pesos I owe...

One thing I love about this area is that members want to feed the missionaries. Friday night we had dinner with the Samonte family, as it was the birthday of one of their children. Saturday was cool, we were out at the beach for dinner with the Punongbayan family, and they made me finish everything off - I wasn't able to succeed this night. It was good to relax for an hour to end what was a really good week for me and my companion. We have a dinner appointment too later tonight with the Arrojo family, who moved from Gumaca before I got transferred.

Good news though, we have a baptism this Saturday! Our investigator is super prepared, and he's really excited to be baptized. He also requested for me to baptise him. We did have two scheduled, but didn't turn out that way, so our other investigator will be baptized next week. We weren't able to finish teaching the lessons on time, so it's kind of on us.

This week will be full on. We have interviews with President Mangum this Wednesday, and a lot of work to do this week. It's really good being busy, because time flies, and I always feel absolutely smashed by the end of the night, from all the teaching, finding, and talking to different people every hour. It helps that we get fed tonnes too, makes me even more tired, because I eat tonnes, then we go home and I crash out straight after daily planning, even if it's only 9.45PM. 

Our goal this week is to help a couple more investigators prepare to be baptized before the transfer is out. 

Good thing this transfer is 8 weeks, gives us more time to do things within the transfer.

Thank you Brother and Sister Pitman for my FSY shirt! 

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