Saturday, 9 April 2016


Week 71
04th April 2016

The week was good, was pretty full on and busy. 

The interviews were great, and I learned so much from talking with President & Sister Mangum, as well as from the workshop from the Assistants. Took a bit out of our work day, but I guess I can sacrifice some work time to listen to some wisdom.

Saturday of course was the baptism. It was great! I was lucky enough to be the baptizer, and I actually nearly drowned the poor guy. The first time I baptized him, my recent convert's feet floated up, so I attempted to push them down in instinct... Dumb move number 1. Then, I was listening to the witnesses on what I should do, and I totally forgot to bring him back up out of the water! HAHAHA. DUMB MOVE NUMBER 2. I realized he was still in the water, and yanked him up as soon as I could! Got it right the second time though, and he was really beaming! 

We also had our investigator at the baptism, and we invited him to say the closing prayer. I listened closely to him, and I heard him pray that he will be baptized next, so he can receive the Holy Ghost. It's really humbling to hear investigators pray so meaningfully like that, and yeah I almost cried aye. He has a date set for the 16th April!

Sunday was Fast Sunday, and I'm getting used to and understanding why we fast. We all know I found fasting hard back at home, and me fasting was rare, so doing it on the mission was hard, but I've lately had some reasons to fast, and I'm really willing to sacrifice food & water for a short time, if it means that something good happens for someone else. 

A miracle is that we now have a new Branch Mission Leader. We haven't had one for a while, and so we've been patiently waiting for a new one, and finally we got one yesterday. Really excited to get working with our BML, and the Branch Missionaries too. The work will be 100 times stronger when they're all on board with us.

We actually had a couple of disappointments happen to us, and they were some big disappointments, but I guess things happen, and I just have to accept not everything works to my timing.

This week is pretty set up. Appointments set, which will hopefully follow through, and Zone Meeting on Wednesday. Also looking forward to General Conference this weekend.

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