Monday, 23 March 2015

First Transfer!

Week 17
23rd March 2015

Zone conference was the bomb! I was able to catch up with a tonne of missionaries that I hadn't seen for a while. The workshops given by the AP's, President and Sister Mangum, and the senior missionaries were all very important and helpful. To conclude the Zone Conference, we all watched "Meet The Mormons". Even though I was able to watch it in the MTC, it was good to watch it again.

The night before zone conference was cool too. Our whole zone had sleepovers in San Pablo with different missionaries assigned throughout the San Pablo zone. Pakil and Paete were to sleep at San Pablo 4. We all travelled together to San Pablo, and ate at the SM, before Elder Fa'asavalu and I went off to San Pablo 2, so that I could get a haircut from my MTC companion, Elder Faka'i. 

While there, we were able to catch up with Elder Tuivaiti as well. So... I didn't end up getting any stylish haircut... I shaved it all off! The funniest thing was that the power went out half-way through my haircut, so at 6am the next day,  Elder Santos and I had to go back to the San Pablo 2 apartment, so Elder Faka'i could finish up with my hair.

After zone conference, some of us went to the SM and we all had a big feed at MacDonalds.

On Saturday and Sunday we had the Siniloan District Conference. President and Sister Mangum were invited out there, so they were out in Siniloan with all of us Elders from the Siniloan zone.

The big news though, came on Sunday afternoon. I was studying Lehi's dream on my bed, lying down, with my eyes closed, when Elder Santos nudged me and said that someone was calling for me. I answered the phone, and it was the AP's. The news that they bore to me was that I was being transferred to MINDORO! 

Mindoro zone is an island zone, not part of mainland San Pablo Mission. So of course, I texted around the mission during that night to see if anything else came up. And what do you know. My District Leader, Elder Fa'asavalu, will be travelling with me all the way to Mindoro, because he is stepping up to become my Zone Leader out in Mindoro!

I leave to Mindoro at 8AM Thursday morning. The trip will take about 8-9 hours via jeepneys, buses and boat. I am excited for the journey, no matter how long it is. This week I will spend packing, and saying goodbye to the members of the Pakil branch.

Just in case you were wondering... delicacy I tried this week was pigs ears!

This was my shower for the last 3 months - a hose and only cold water!

View near where I am currently serving.

Had a member carve me a wooden name tag.

Just chilling in one of our areas.

Elder Faka'i and Elder Crichton - happy to see each other again!

Elder Crichton and Elder Tuivaiti who goes home on Wednesday

Zone Conference

Elder Aisa from Cairns and Elder Crichton

Introducing my new zone leader in Mindoro, Elder Fa'asavalu!

Big feed at Maccas - MacDonalds in the Philippines!

Another group photo.

The long jeep ride home from San Pablo to Siniloan. Plenty of time for selfies.

After Saturday night session of District Conference at Jollibee.

Zone Conference

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