Monday, 16 March 2015

Lots of News!

Week 16
16th March 2015

This week was a good one. I was able to re-focus a bit more as I moved forward from last week. Everything is okay now. I was able to go on companionship exchanges with Elder Raymundo who was in my entrance batch.

On Wednesday we had our Zone Meeting, and we were introduced to a new "training plan" by President Magnum about how to apply attending church more fully to ourselves, our investigators, and less-actives. I came to the conclusion that the sacrament is so much more than just a representation of the body of Jesus Christ. We have made covenants, and we need to remember those covenants, and repent for our shortcomings from the past week. It was really eye opening to me, this training plan.

On Sunday we had 4 investigators attend church with us. Our gospel principles class was full! We had our investigators and their fellowshippers, the other missionaries, their investigators and fellowshippers, some recent converts and our teacher. There was maybe 20 of us in class this week. 

On Saturday we had basketball again. Same old, same old.

The big news about Sunday is that I gave a talk in sacrament meeting. I got a call on Thursday night that I was to speak. I wrote my talk in English first as soon as I could, and then on Saturday I was able to translate it into Tagalog! I translated it all myself, and only got my companion to check it to make sure everything was okay, and it turns out it made perfect sense. Of course, being a missionary, I spoke on missionary work. I spoke mostly in Tagalog as well. The only things not in Tagalog were scriptures and quotes.

Uh, have decided the cooking thing was a one time thing!! We usually eat out, except on Sundays. When we have lunch on Sundays, I go to sleep and let the other elders cook for me, and then they wake me up to eat. Smart eh? We don't go to marketplaces, because there are none. We go to the Supermart up the road from our house. Nah - haven't learnt any more dishes!  I'll still probably get my companion to cook them for me, or the other Elders. I'm usually the one who pays for most of the food. Sometimes I pay for it all, because I know I have more money. I always tell my companions to go hard on food, because money will not be an issue while we are companions. In turn they cook for me - works well for me!

So, it turns out that in the Philippines, winter is in December-January. It's really starting to heat up. Every night when I come home, my collars on my white shirts are nearly black with sweat. It's disgusting!  I have to soak them every night... I know how to hand wash! lol.

My companion is from the Olongapo mission, where Elder Fa is serving. He has a big family, he's the oldest of 5 and is a second generation member. He is great with helping me with the language. 

So I've eaten chicken blood too. It's cooked into a solid.  It looks a bit like meat. You can get it on the street. Its delicious!

March 26 is transfers.   I would like to be transferred, but I also would like to stay...... I guess I want to start exploring different parts of the San Pablo mission already. Will find out next week.

This the chapel I attend at Pakil

Just out doing some night work

Exchanges with Elder Raymundo!

Siniloan Zone - March 2015

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