Friday, 13 March 2015

Tough Week!

Week 15
9th March 2015

Had a tough week this past week - spiritually and mentally draining.  Had a good chat with President Magnum and feeling much better about things now.

Saturday we attended another child of record baptism.  After the baptism, I played basketball with the some of the ward members, and then later against other people that turned up to the chapel to play. Lots of people are turning up to play basketball at the chapel now, and one of the members told me it was because word is getting out about me? I'm not being cocky here, I don't even think I'm good, but that's what the brother told me. Everyone wants to have a go against me..... Weird.

Sunday, we went to church. We had another baptism at 3PM that day. It was the baptism of the Paete Elder's investigator, and his name is Brother Nikki. He wanted it to be a surprise for his wife, so that's exactly what happened! His wife had no idea he was getting baptised until she saw him enter the water with Elder Fa'asavalu. It was great to be a part of the special day.

Not too much happening today -  I have exchanges with Elder Raymundo, who is serving in Paete. We are part of the same batch that came into the field on December 30.

There's a lot of families that look after me.... telling me to call them if I want to be fed that night etc. Everyone is great!  We eat out at a local place as well about 1 minute away because they do nice food.

Remember that pond we were cleaning? They ended up hiring workers to clean the rest of it out. We don't really have that sort of time to clean out that sort of pond.

I started reading the Book of Mormon in Tagalog too, I'm only in 1 Nephi Chapter 11, but already I'm starting to be able to read lots of verses without using the English version to translate.

Baptism we attended on Sunday.

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