Saturday, 27 June 2015

New Companion

Week 30
22nd June 2015

This week was all over the place due to transfers. 

On Tuesday, my last companion packed all day and we cleaned, because the Zone Leaders  were picking us all up straight after District Meeting on Wednesday. We got to the port at about 2PM, and I was with Elders Calianga and Yacapin for the next two days while we waited for our new companions, who were due in on Thursday afternoon/ night.

We stayed in Calapan on Wednesday night, and Thursday we headed out to look for a basketball for me to buy. I found one, and the Zone Leaders met us at the Calapan pier, only to find that no one had come in yet, so we looked for a basketball court and played some 3-on-3 in our proselyting clothes. 

My companion, Elder King, and Elder Estarez arrived into the Calapan pier from Batangas at about 6.30pm, and then 20 minutes later the rest of the missionaries arrived. 

We all went back to Elder and Sister Cranston's home, and we had some food before we all went to sleep.

Friday we only visited the Branch President. Saturday we did a bit of missionary work, but it started bucketing with rain for ages when we returned to the Branch President's  home so my companion could meet our Branch Mission Leader. We ended up staying there for a while, before we went out to visit our investigators. Heaps more rain to come - monsoon season starting... Will have to go buy an umbrella.

We went to church yesterday, and it was a good day. I was absolutely trashed in Elders Quorum and I went ended up falling asleep in the back of the room... I think everyone knew I was asleep.

We will be getting a list of 15 names of less actives in our Branch to visit with this coming week. The Branch Presidency, Elders Quorum and Sunday School Presidency will put that together.

So my new companion's name is Elder King, and he's from Washington State. He's a baller, so we've made plans to go train every morning at the court behind our house, and play every P-day, as well as any opportunity that comes up.

I got my package on Wednesday after I left Calapan port. Elder Hapi's package got sent with mine from the office, but I had a bit of trouble picking up the packages because Elder Nielsen sent them both under Elder Hapi's name, but I worked some magic with my parcel and was able to pick up both.  Been slowly eating the lollies and chocolate. Elder Hapi and I  cleaned up the Rashuns and his feijoa lollies on Thursday night though. I gave him one mi-goreng  5 packet too, because only him and I know what they are, haha.

We have my mission tour on July 8. Looking forward to it.

I have lots of  pictures, but the computer won't read my card reader, so I'll just send them next week

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