Monday, 29 June 2015

Super Busy Week

Week 31
29 June 2015

First week of this transfer was a fast week. I actually haven't worked this hard for a long time, and the results in our numbers showed how hard we worked. I like to work, but I can get a bit laid back, and slack off from time to time, but not this week. We were out all day, every day and I found myself getting tired a lot faster.

My new companion is Elder King. I'm still junior companion. This is the second companion in a row who is a foreigner, and is under 1 year old in the mission. I really want to have a local companion that can speak awesome Tagalog, so I can learn from them in the language. I love my companion though, don't get that wrong.

The basketball has been great! We were able to meet with at least 10 new investigators this week from playing basketball last Saturday. Word has gotten around Pola of the two Mormon's, or as some people say, "Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson". If you're wondering, I'm Stephen Curry, even though I can't shoot 3-pointers at all well, haha. Pretty keen for the week ahead, to hopefully keep the missionary work pumping here, and hopefully be punted a bit less this week. The amount of times we were punted this week was insane! Probably the most I've been punted in my 6 months in the mission field.

It's getting pretty hot now, hasn't rained lately, but the heat is not unbearable. It would actually be bomb weather if I didn't have to wear a white shirt and pants all day, every day. My companion sweats like crazy, and all the members always comment to him how hot it must be for him. They ask me, and I just tell them it's kind of like home. 

So, we have been permitted to wear some sort of boots to work in as the wet season is now in effect, so I'm thinking about buying a pair of huge gum boots - Would be a great look too.

Wednesday was Pola's town fiesta. We had our district meeting in Pola as well, so after the meeting we all went back to our apartment to eat. 

What happens in Pola's fiesta day, is that people go around, well pretty much the whole town, goes around wetting eachother with tonnes of water, so I decided I would walk all us through the town, in the midst of the water fights. Me and Elder Nikau told nearly everyone they could wet the two Americans, my companion and Elder Wooden. Watching them run from the water was just too funny.

The waiting crew for new companions on transfer day.

The Zone Leaders hung out with us too.

Youngest child of our Branch Presidents 7 children, she asked for this photo.

New companion -  Elder King.

Fiesta night! Somehow, we got invited in.

A concert with the Philippines best comedian and rapper. We got invited sidestage for the duration.

Bumpy van rides to Victoria.

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