Monday, 6 July 2015

Mission Tour Week

Week 32
6th July 2015

This week was a pretty hectic week, even though we only did Missionary Work. We have had not much success, as we have been getting punted at least 3 times a day, but all part of the mission experience I guess. 

However, we have been playing a fair bit of basketball, and the more we play, the more word gets out about the two foreigner Mormons who can ball. Having a lot of success, and next time we play we will be setting a tonne of appointments with people we play with, it really can be used as a successful tool in missionary work! So many people interested in having us come over and teach them! 

I am having a lot of experiences with working with less-active members. I find it so hard to believe that they can answer the question, "What is the most important thing in your life?" with "Of course, the gospel!" I guess I have to either humble myself more, or get a bit bolder and ask them why they don't live the gospel if it's the most important thing in their life. Still pondering on what I can do more to help them.

We have been having a fair bit of success in the numbers though. Two weeks in a row we have had an investigator at church, after nearly 2 months of having no one. We have been working with a part-member couple, and the wife is our investigator. What's so great about this couple is that the husband, who is less-active, actively participates in the lesson just as much as his wife! 

They came to church last week, but weren't able to attend yesterday due to the Sister having a problem with her appendix that comes up every now and again. We actually weren't able to teach them as much as we wanted to because of this problem.

Yesterday we came up to Baco in the afternoon, where Elder Hapi and Elder Purawan are assigned. We are travelling to Lipa City tomorrow morning with them, and are currently hanging out with them for P-day, and we are in Calapan City. Elder Hapi and I  are taking off at 5AM tomorrow to catch the boat at 6.30AM. Dragging our companions along with us of course - haha. 

After I finish e-mailing,  we'll probably just head out to the maccas, eat, then head back to Baco. Sleeping there again. Elder Hapi's cutting my hair tonight for mission tour.

This week should be pretty mean, as we have mission tour! Elder Ardern is the visitor, who is the Philippines Area President from New Zealand. I'm keen to see all the other missionaries who will be at our half of the mission tour. No pictures, because my camera is in battery save mode for mission tour - I left my charger in Pola.

Our mission tour is in Lipa City. The mission tour is divided in half, because of travel and stuff, so our mission tour is on Wednesday. 

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