Monday, 20 July 2015

8 Months Already!

Week 34
20 July 2015

My official 8 month mark will be tomorrow!!

This week was a solid week of missionary work again. It was jam packed. This week should be even busier, because my companion and I are trying to fit in over 20 total lessons taught to investigators, less-actives, and active members a week. We came close this week, with 18. 

We actually have a baptism coming up on the 15th of August! Our investigator has been coming to church a lot, and she started reading the Book of Mormon by herself. She's really interested in the Book of Mormon. Her husband is a less-active member, so we are also working with him so maybe he can baptise his wife when the day comes. Because of the extra requirements for baptism in the Philippines, it takes a bit longer for baptisms to happen. The baptismal date is next transfer, so there's a huge chance I won't be here in Pola.  I'm grateful for my part in teaching the lessons and helping her progress. I would be happy with my mission if I continue to do all I can to help people progress.

Anyway, we have been doing a tonne of finding, getting a lot more investigators into our teaching pool, and asking our investigators to 1) read the Book of Mormon, and 2) come to church! 

The hardest thing is getting investigators to church, because they most, if not all, come from Catholic backgrounds, where they don't teach the importance of going to church regularly. As the Philippines Area President said, "Catholics by name only". A lot of people always say, they're so busy, but the town is a quiet town, and no one really does anything at all. 

Anyway, this week is week 5 of the transfer, so we get transfer calls this Sunday night. I have a feeling my time here in Pola is up... maybe time to move onto another area.

We have our Zone Interviews with President Mangum this Saturday, and our new District Center here in Oriental Mindoro is getting dedicated this week too, so we'll be having the Open House on the Saturday of our Interviews. 

The language is going okay, I wouldn't say I'm fluent, but I speak pretty easily. The only thing I need to do now is expand my vocabulary. I have all the conjugations down pat, pronunciation was really never a problem, the grammar is sorted, so now I just need to learn more words.

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