Monday, 27 July 2015

Transfers... and still on my Island!!

Week 35
27 July 2015

Transfers came and went... and I'm not transferred! I have one more cycle here in Mindoro.... which means I'll be able to have my first baptism in two weeks! Heaps excited!!   This baptism will be the first baptism in the area in over a year! It's difficult when you get sent to areas that you have to re-open, and there's nothing in the area book. So, I always take it on myself to update the area book every night for the following missionaries, so they don't have to experience what I have.

I got my parcel on Saturday at the Zone Interviews! So, Pods are a huge hit here in the mission, because only the Australian missionaries get them, so all of my pods were smashed in two days. So were the rashuns, and I destroyed the can of oysters as soon as I saw it!

That day, we also had an openhouse tour of the new District Center in the Oriental Mindoro District. A few people turned out, and the Mayor turned up too. The mayor was allowed to speak, and he said some whack things! The funniest thing he said was "The Church of Jesus Christ of..." then pauses, and tries to remember the end, then says "of Later On" hahahaha!

Pretty average week last week. We had exchanges last week with the District Leader, so I went with his companion into their area - pretended I couldn't speak Tagalog to a couple of recent converts who got baptised only two Saturdays ago. They tried so hard to speak to me in English, and they asked me to pray, in English. So I prayed in Tagalog, in my normal Tagalog speaking skills, and they started laughing during the prayer because they were so shocked - me and my companion played it off well!!

This week, we're just focused on finishing the lessons for our investigator, and getting her the interview this Saturday, in preparation to be baptised on the 8th of August. Doing really well with her progress, and when she gets baptised, her and her husband will be a completed family! Their next goal is to go to the temple after a year, and be sealed for all time and eternity.

Our zone is doing really well with baptisms in areas. One area is having a baptism this Saturday, and it's the first baptism in the area in around 1 and 1/2 years. Our's is the following Saturday, and is the first in just over 1 year, then a few other areas have some upcoming baptisms. As a whole, we're doing what we were assigned on the island to do..continue the work of sharing the Gospel.

Anyway, nothing too much on other side of things. The zone is staying together except for two new missionaries. One sister is re-opening with her trainee in San Pablo this transfer, and the the other one finished his mission on Sunday, and is currently in the mission home, getting ready to go home. 

We had interviews with President, and he said he's really happy with the work I've done in my area. I told him I was just happy to do what he had assigned me to do, which was get the missionary work going in the area, and helping the branch move forward.

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