Friday, 17 July 2015

Mission Tour Reunion .. and lots of food!

Week 33
13th July 2015

So, yeah our Mission Tour experience was great!  It started at 4.30AM on Tuesday morning, as me, my companion, and the Baco Elders woke up and prepared for our travelling. We got out of the house around 5AM, to catch the 6AM boat from Calapan City to Batangas.  

From Batangas, we caught a bus to Lipa, but we all were asleep and missed the Lipa City stop, so we ended up having to get off at Santo Tomas, which is 30+ minutes away! 

We finally got there, and we went to this nice restaurant for breakfast called The Pancake House. I ordered a steak and eggs, as well as an omelette. We stayed at the mall mostly all day, and then went to Tanauan, another big town/ small city to sleep at the Elders apartment there.

For our afternoon snack though, we hit up Pizza Hut, and Elder Hapi and I went hard on the food. We crashed a pizza, some buffalo wings, fish and chips, garlic bread, and unlimited soft drink!!

The meeting was pretty cool, it was with the Philippines Area President and his wife, they're from New Zealand of all places. They are both graduates of CCNZ.

Our training was about finding more investigators to teach, because our mission is pretty low on finding new investigators per companionship, per week. So, we got counselled about it all for the day. Learned a lot though. 

Awesome seeing all the Elders and Sisters that I have gotten to know over the course of my mission, who aren't in my zone.  Some of them I haven't seen since February!

Part of the mission tour was like a family reunion! All of the descendants of Elder Richards, except 1 of Elder Nielsen's grandsons.

We spent nearly 4 days on the road, travelling and sleeping in different apartments in different zones. It was great fun, but I was glad to be back in my area on Thursday night, and sleep elevated off the floor, it's a good change!

We had a pretty normal week after that, just missionary work for the days that we were in our area, and came out to Victoria last night for our Zone P-day that was earlier today. 

We played a bunch of games, ate a tonne of food, and talked a lot. I even went on a 10 game winning streak in table tennis before we left the chapel to come e-mail. We just played basketball, volleyball, and of course table tennis. Good day. We actually didn't finish until around 3, and then there's travel time..... Mission life with no cars I guess.

This week has nothing big planned, just the normal work and meetings happening during the week!

We do have our monthly Zone meeting this week though, and our Senior Couple always make a good feed for it.

The time we left the Baco apartment on Tuesday.

5:50AM on the boat.

7.15AM arrival to Batangas.

The Pancake House for Breakfast.

My mission family, only missing one of Elder Nielsen's grandsons.

Mucking around with that Pukana.

Bus ride back to Batangas

In the middle of nowhere.

New Haircut!

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