Monday, 3 August 2015

Awesome Week!

Week 36
3rd July 2015

The first week of the transfer only started today. We finished off the last transfer pretty strong, getting a companionship high in lessons taught, and we finally had more than one investigator to church!

Well, first off, My first convert baptism is THIS SATURDAY! We were able to move the time forward a week because of awesome progress from our investigator, and the best part is that her less-active husband is now becoming a returning member. They are both so excited to go to the temple and be sealed for all time and eternity in 1 years time, and I'm positive that they will make it.

We have most of the branch coming along to support too, and all I'm hoping is that this will get the branch excited about missionary work. Our investigator is the most excited, with her and her returning-member husband willing to fellowship another family we just tracted into last week. We will start making plans with them to set a time we can visit this family with them.

We have a lot of potential baptisms that could occur within the next transfer or the next after that, but we just have to be patient. The main thing that stands in the way of investigators is coming to church. Because our mission has requirements of church attendance 4 out of 5 weeks, it's not a fast process like in other missions that only require two weeks of church attendance. And, I'm more about true conversion to stay active forever, as is the theme of our mission, "Dressed in White Twice".

With our other investigators, we are doing our best to "persuade them to do good" like it says in the scriptures, but it's so hard to get people to church! Everyone is so busy, and I always feel sad for the less-actives, and investigators, who don't attend church, even when we visit them, and exhort them constantly in faith. Oh well, I'm still trying my best.

I've been hitting the Book of Mormon hard too, and currently I'm in 3rd Nephi. I remember reading about Alma, and how he wished he was an angel, and could teach with the trump of God. At the same time though, he realized he was sinning in his wish. It made me realize that, I should not envy other missionaries and their success, their teaching skills, and their language skills, but do all I can with my abilities now, and continue to build on my own skills, knowledge, and seek my Heavenly Father in all I do. Another thing that hit me was Alma 26:12, where Ammon's joy is full about their work among the Lamanites. "I will boast of my God". That line hit me, because only through Him, and His mercy, can we bring souls back unto Him. There is no other way!

Among other things, last night we went out to Victoria, as the Zone Leaders had just moved into a new apartment. It's more like a nice 3-bedroom house! We smashed a tonne of food, and had a good time, and ended by playing basketball this morning. I was sitting on the side, because I didn't feel like playing, I didn't bring my ball shoes, and I got a gangsta blister on my heel, and the whole time I was trash talking Elder Nikau and Elder Hapi from the side.

This week should be pretty much the same as last week, except we have the baptism on Saturday, so that will take up a little of our Saturday afternoon. 

Looking forward to the week ahead!

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