Monday, 31 August 2015

Mixed Week

Week 40
31 August 2015

This past week was a little better week than the last. We actually
didn't work as much, because asthma combined with a cold/ flu attacked
me for the week, so I was carrying my asthma pump around everywhere I
went. We stayed home for a couple of days, and mostly I slept
because of the bad nose and cough. It's gone now though, slept it all
off, and now I feel great.

I had exchanges on Friday with my District Leader, Elder Calianga. It
was good, and I learned so much from him, especially because he goes
home in 2 more cycles. He always rubs it into me too, that he's going
home in 3 months, he actually sometimes gives me how many days he has
left, haha. I learned a lot about teaching, and engaging the
investigator or family into the lesson.

We attended a baptismal service in Pinamalayan on Saturday, and it was
great! Five children were baptised, and the family is a returning
member family, so I was happy to be there and witness the baptism. It
was also the father's first time baptising, and I could tell the
nervousness he had, because I only baptised for the first time a month

This coming week, might be my last full week in Mindoro Zone. In the
next couple of days, we find out who will be training, and honestly, I
am hoping I don't train. I don't feel ready to train. Saturday and
Sunday will be the transfer calls, and that will be my week, along
with missionary work every day.

All the food you sent is good... most of it is finished , but I haven't even cracked open the weet-bix and milo because of the lack of milk. I'll just wait until my next area.  The shop is far.... too lazy. Next area na lang.

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