Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Uneventful Week.

Week 39
24th August 2015

The week was kind of hard, tonnes of people punted us, and we are getting punted more and more each week. Nothing too much going on, just slowly building towards transfer day, when hopefully I get transferred. Not counting on it though. 

The rain was crazy! Four straight days of crazy intense rain, I hated working in it, would always rock up anywhere soaking wet.

We did have 3 investigators at church on Sunday though, 3 primary aged children, who are children of less-active members, walked to church from their house up the road a bit, and participated. I was so happy, I'm hoping that the parents follow the example, but it might take more than one visit from the children by themselves. 

This week should be a hopefully good one....hopefully. We have appointments, and people to visit, but we do need more investigators to teach. 

Maybe, and hopefully, it doesn't rain so much this week. Not excited to work in the rain like that again!

Sorry this e-mail is so short, the week was just really uneventful.

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