Monday, 17 August 2015

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Week 38
17th August 2015

These week was kind of an off week, well not really, because we had okay numbers, but we could have had more success if we weren't punted so many times - which resulted in us being two short of our goal of 20 lessons. A big drop from last week, where we taught 26, but I guess that's the mission life. This week I want to get above 30 lessons for the first time in my mission.

Oh well, that's the go of the life of a missionary I guess. We hopefully have another baptism coming up on September 12, but there's a lot hinging on whether that goes through. We committed that certain investigator on Wednesday, but she is yet to attend church, so this is where it becomes difficult.

Not too much this week, we are going to start teaching 3 or 4 new families, and we get to teach them through the fathers, which is the best because usually fathers are the hardest to get a hold of.... but this time they have invited us to share our message.  Hopefully, these families will be excited about the gospel as much as we are excited to share it to them. A couple of these families have tricycles too, so it's a bit easier for them to come to church.

So, our mission is half-way through an experiment on OYM's, and the experiment is to get 10 OYM's per companionship, per day. Well, last Monday and Tuesday we didn't do it, and last night I felt so bad for it, that I repented, and started today off well. By 8AM I had talked to 3 people already about the gospel, which is a great start to the week for me. 

Tonight, we are going to a couple of members homes to ask them to be present in our lessons to some of our new investigators, and teach them about what we will be sharing. I have matched a lot of investigators with appropriate member fellowshippers who live close by, except for one investigator. He is YM age, and we have no active YM in our branch. So, if he gets baptised, I know he will be the best fellowshipper for future YM investigators.

Hopefully, our companionship can achieve our goals we set for ourselves this week, and hopefully our investigators will come to church. It's been two weeks of since we've had any attend, so I'm about to go on a Sabbath Day teaching spree this week haha.

1 of the 3 great-nephews I have. Elder Nielsen's grandchildren.

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