Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Working Hard

Week 27
1st June 2015

This week we actually had a better week overall. We worked all day, and every day. We didn't have too good a week with numbers, but it has been better than the last maybe 3 or 4, so we getting there.

Lately, I have been striving to study the Preach My Gospel every day, and what a difference it has made to my work! I have been a lot more confident in not just talking, but sharing my testimony everywhere to everyone I can. I still find it amazing that I am 6 months in on my mission, and how well my Tagalog has progressed so fast. I still have a long way to go though, so I will be working on it every day. Every opportunity is a learning opportunity, and the only thing I have to do is be open to what lesson I could learn in a certain day.

Yesterday at church we had our first PEC. We discussed home teaching, and it should be getting into swing in the next couple of weeks. At the next PEC, we will be devising a list of 15 less-active members or families that we and the branch can focus on to re-activate, as we only have a small attendance, and small amount of Melchezidek Priesthood.

In regards to the Pola Branch return missionaries, we have another sister RM who returns on Wednesday, and then the Branch has another one who will be home in November. Four RM's in one year for a small branch, the excitement is only helping the branch progress, as all these RM's come home with knowledge from their various missions, that they can share with their home branch to help it become strong. We are only here to help.

I will be meeting Elder Nielsen who is one of the new office Elders for the first time on June 12th. One of his trainees, Elder Hapi is on the island of Mindoro with me, so he will be happy to see his trainer as well. 

My trainer, Elder Richards fractured his arm last Monday and was medically released from his mission, THREE WEEKS EARLY. I was so shattered, because I was looking forward to seeing him again at the special training meeting we are having in Batangas on June 12th. Looking forward to going to the mainland. 

Today we had Zone P-day at the beach, and we were there until 2.30PM. Played some touch, some hold, and even some American football. Even though we played hold, of course all of us Polynesians were putting little shoulder charges on each other, haha. 

Heard about Elder Tom Perry - Life long service, and can't wait to here who the next apostle is. 

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