Wednesday, 10 February 2016

The work is rolling forth!

Week 63
08 February 2016

Never in my whole life have I felt the way I have in the last week. It's amazing! The spirit has been so strong inside me, and I notice it when it starts going, and I can't restrain it when there is something I need to say.

There are so many experiences I want to share, but that might make me look like I'm boasting, so it's best not. All I can say is, ALL GLORY TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER. I'm eternally grateful that He gave me a chance to change from what I was, to what I want to become. As I finished the Book of Mormon, one thing that I noticed was the gifts of the Spirit.Before, I wasn't too sure what they were, but from this week, I can testify they are all real. First hand experiences always make people grow stronger in faith, as well as gaining a stronger testimony. It really is true what the Book of Mormon says over and over again, that signs follow those who have faith.

Our week has been great though. The amount of blessings we have been showered with is amazing. I feel like I'm getting spoiled sometimes, like a little child with all of his favorite toys, I too feel that way.

We had only my 2nd MCM since I have been in Gumaca, but because of the way things are going here, it definitely won't be the last. In our PEC meeting last Sunday, we discussed so many things, and many of these things are coming into effect already. The Bishopric and Ward Mission Leader are really getting on it, and I can really see the effort they are putting in to fixing the ward, and trying to make it a strong, fully functioning ward. I'm really grateful that my prayers are being answered in that part, because I really want to make this area one of the most desirable areas to be assigned in, not just in Lopez Zone, but in the whole mission.

Yesterday we had a little Mission Prep class for the YSA, and those youth who want to attend. It was a great class. I was blessed with the opportunity to teach them about how to do some effective BRT. The class really liked it, and asked me to do this every Sunday. I graciously accepted, and the biggest blessing from this class is that straight after the classes on Sunday afternoon, is that we are able to go on splits with the members! Oh how long have I prayed for this time to come, and it finally has come, I can testify of the power of prayer and fasting.

Another great thing that came from yesterday's class was from one of my investigators. He participated in the class as if he was a member, and he bore his testimony of the blessings he has received from church attendance in his practice teaching. As I listened to his testimony, I found out his desire to become a member is so strong! He loves the church, and him and his brother tell me that they can't wait to be baptised.

This coming week, we area really hoping to build off the momentum we have from these last two weeks. The way I feel right now, I feel that it will continue to only get better.

Its a holiday here for Chinese New Year - funny thing is no one celebrates it - just an excuse for a holiday.. haha.

We have exchanges to go get ready for later today. Super busy.

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