Thursday, 18 February 2016

Week of Blessings!

Week 64
15th February 2015

This week was definitely a week full of blessings, and  definitely a week where I was able to find out my weaknesses that I have, and I plan on working on them this week to make them become strengths.

Well, our week was spent in catch up mode, as we weren't able to work in the area on Tuesday. We had exchanges, and my companion for the day, Elder Sison, was sick with a high fever, so he was told to rest. As a result, we weren't able to return to Gumaca, or work at all. However, I do believe we were able to catch up a fair bit, but I felt so unsatisfied with not being able to work on Tuesday.

I really enjoyed the Worldwide missionary broadcast on Wednesday. So much was learned, and it really pointed out my job as a missionary here in the field. "Teach Repentance, and Baptize Converts", I don't think there could be any other phrase, title, or name that could state that clearly, what I am to do as a missionary. I especially liked the part that Elder Bednar shared about bringing the gospel "unto the hearts". When I heard that, I clicked! Of course, if we brought the message into the hearts of investigators, our mission would be baptizing a lot higher than it is now, because I believe we all have strong testimonies of Jesus Christ and His Atonement. But of course, in order to exercise their free agency, I can only bring the message unto the hearts, and it's up to the investigators whether or not they will accept the message. 

Knowing that gives me new energy, as I thought that I was unsuccessful in my work with the amount of dropped baptisms, but it renewed my testimony of people's agency. All I can do is persuade people to come unto Christ with all my heart, might, mind, and soul.

With the 2nd PMG class that we had yesterday, the youth/YSA are starting to get really into missionary work. The church always says that people around my age are the leaders of the future, but I believe that here in Gumaca, the youth will give the rest of the ward a boost through their efforts, which will just ripple through the whole ward. 

I have learned that becoming close with the leaders of the ward is a big help with the work. My Ward Mission Leader challenged me for next Sunday, to see who can get the most lessons and OYM's. Looking forward to beating him in the work, and sharing the gospel at the same time!

We also hit a new high in attendance since I've been here! We had 60 people at church! When there is a lot of people at church, I feel like us, and the ward are being blessed. The ward is also starting to progress a lot faster now too.

This week, we are trying to blitz the area. This could be my last full week here in Gumaca, as much as I don't want it to be, so I just want to drop a bomb on the area! I've actually requested to President that I stay for another transfer here in Gumaca, and I've done it for two weeks in a row. I've prayed and asked to stay one more cycle. I have hopes to stay, but if not, I'll go where I'm needed. I will miss this area though.

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