Monday, 22 February 2016

Transfer Week - I'm leaving Gumaca!

Week 65
22nd February 2016

I never have really liked the week leading up to transfer calls. I'm always questioning to myself "Am I going?" and sometimes it can throw me off. This time though was a little bit different. I thought about the question still, but my attitude more was "Might as well go hard if this is going to be my last full week", and it changed everything! Usually, week 5 of the transfer is the longest week for me in the whole transfer, but this cycle, it was faster.

I'm really thankful for the opportunity I had to serve in Gumaca for the last 6 months. I really have grown to love this area, and it will be hard to say goodbye, but I leave this area happy for the ward, and I feel that I have left it better than when I came into the area, which has been my goal for every area. The love that I have for this area has only deepened, and especially this last transfer, I have been able to witness a lot of progress and miracles, albeit little ones, in the work, in the ward, and everywhere.

However, I look forward to the new challenge of going to Nasugbu, Batangas. I believe I have been sent far away again for a reason, and there is something I need to do there, and I hope that I will once again be able to leave the area stronger than when I came in. 

President has sent to every corner of the mission now...... 1st are was the furthermost north zone, then to the furthermost area in Mindoro, on another island, then the furthermost south zone, and now the most west you can get in our mission. I'm assuming I won't get there until dark, so maybe 8-11 hours - will take four buses and whatever transport is at the end of that for the last leg of the journey. I might not even get into Nasugbu until Friday because it's so far. Might end up just sleeping in Batangas city. Elder Hapi is in my zone again, so I'm pretty happy.

My new companion will be Elder Mesias  ... only my 2nd pinoy comp in my whole mission! Just so you know Pinoy is a short version of Philippino..... Pinoy is a male and Pinay is a female.

Once again, our church attendance was above 50, and it has been really cool to see a lot of the seats taken up by members of the church, partaking of the sacrament to renew their baptismal covenants. I really hope that the next missionary coming in will continue to help the ward progress, because the progress is really picking up speed, and things are happening. The monthly average sacrament attendance has gotten higher in each of the last 3 months, and I couldn't be happier for the ward.

One thing I don't like about being transferred is leaving progressing investigators and not being able to see them baptized. But, I guess I have done my part, and either way, I am happy for investigators to be baptized, whether I'm there or not.  My joy only comes from the work of the Lord, and there are always times the joy comes from humbly submitting to the will of the Lord, and the timing of the Lord. Definitely not upset I'm leaving some investigators, just as long as they continue on the path to eternal life, my joy for them is full.

The challenge this week is definitely continuing to work up until I leave, and not just marching around and doing a farewell tour of Gumaca, and then adjusting to my new area. I look forward to it all.

Another cool thing that is happening in the mission, is that we have a Samoan AP! It's been at least 5-10 years apparently since a Polynesian Elder was an Assistant in this mission, and when I came in there was maybe 1 Polynesian Zone Leader. 

Not looking forward to the travel this week that's for sure. Looking forward to the new challenge though!

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