Saturday, 13 August 2016

Trip to San Pablo

Week 89
08 August 2016

This week was great, especially my trip to San Pablo.  They hold these every three months. Left on Wednesday straight after district meeting, and left my companion with Elder Portugal's companion, who is Elder Rasmussen, my trainee. Me & Elder Portugal headed up to San Pablo, and after a couple of hours travel we finally got into San Pablo. I bought shoes straight away, and threw out the broken ones. 

I slept in Alaminos with the Assistants, and the next morning we all woke up early to play basketball. Turns out the Assistants got all the ballers to sleep with them or the Office Elders, and what a hectic game it was! One of the favorite games that I've played with other missionaries. It was Foreigners v. Pinoys, and it was really close right up until it was 18 all, and then I scored the next 3 points to win. Not bragging, it's just that I really did that. It was a fun game though, crazy serious, but no tempers flared because we're all good friends. Everyone had a point to prove, and I proved that I'm still the best baller in the mission, hahaha jokes.

The meeting itself was long. It went from 9AM until around 4.30PM. We had a nice lunch in between, and it was good to catch up with some of the elders I came into the mission with, and some of my other good friends that I hadn't seen for a long time. Learned a lot about being a District Leader, and how to do things better, and I understood better really what a District Leader is.

Other than that our work is doing good. We have 3 baptisms this Friday & Saturday, so we're really excited, and have them receive the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday. Things here are so exciting, and having a baptism every other week just adds to it. Can't complain really, loving this place.

Had a meeting yesterday with the Branch Council, run of course by the Branch Presidency. They called this meeting just to talk about the Branch Mission plan of 2016, and how they really need to focus on the plan. Ever since we've had a new Branch Presidency, things have been going a lot better, and more people are getting involved. Our Branch Presidency themselves all have someone or a family they're trying to help bring back, so it's going really well so far. They really want to make things happen, so I'm really just happy to be here, to soak it all up, and work alongside them.

This week, we have our interviews with our Mission President tomorrow, Wednesday is Zone Training Meeting which I'm conducting - that should be fun. 

Then baptisms on Friday & Saturday. In between all of that, working & finding new people to teach, because our investigators are getting baptized, and a lot! 

That will be 5 baptisms for the transfer again. We don't have any more scheduled for this cycle, but setting them up for next cycle is important too, especially if I leave the area.

We had zone p-day today - just played basketball. It rained so the court was slippery, made for an interesting game!


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