Sunday, 28 August 2016

Transfer Week - Going to a new area

Week 91
22nd August 2016

I am finally outta here! Wasn't surprised though, because President Mangum dropped a big hint that I would be transferred back when we had interviews with him. I'm going to Calamba 3, in the Cabuyao Zone. Not sure if I'm the District Leader, but I am going to the District Leader area, and replacing the old District Leader, so the chances are high.  This District also has 12 missionaries, which is heaps! First time having sister missionaries in my district too, so I don't know what that will bring.

My companion is also training here in Nasugbu next transfer, so I knew I was out for sure from Wednesday. I didn't tell the whole branch that I'm transferred, just told some people who I was really close with, which has resulted in 5 dinner appointments over the next 2 nights, haha. The members are excited for my companion to train, as am I. 

Wednesday was District Meeting, and it was the last District Meeting for 2 of the Elders in the district. We had a good time together, and they headed to the mission home yesterday, ahead of going home on Wednesday. Other than that, the week was pretty normal.

Just a quick highlight for the week. We've received a few online referrals from the office, coming from members who are from other missions. On Saturday, we decided to go out there and visit them. We were really lucky in that the 2 referrals lived across the road from each other, because we went out really far. It was my first time going out that far, so we got lost a couple of times. It was raining really hard, so we got smashed on by the rain looking for these houses, gotta love it!

The first referral that we contacted was a family of 6. They were great, and I wish I could stay longer and teach them! They are really receptive. 5 of the 6 family members are eligible for baptism.

The second referral was 3 siblings who were taught before by missionaries in another mission. The only reason they weren't baptized was because they came back to Nasugbu. They still have a huge desire to be baptized though, which is mean. I think my companion has  a lot of work to dig up in the next few weeks, pretty exciting!

This is just a few farewells, then off to my new area. I have to go up to San Pablo with my companion on Wednesday because he needs to be at the mission home early on Thursday to pick up his trainee. Then from there, I guess I have no idea what I'm going to do, because a new area brings new challenges, new faces, and a new companion. 

Meet the Ambao family. They tall. 

The day me & my companion almost went to work in shorts!

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