Sunday, 4 September 2016

My new area!

Week 92
29th August 2016

This week was a week of transition for sure, and I am now in what should be my last area in my mission.

Monday was great, as we had 2 dinner appointments with members of the Branch Presidency. The new Branch Presidency of Nasugbu had been great to me, and we had worked very close with them. I just hope & pray that the good work that we started while I was there will continue on, and I'm 100% sure it will.

Tuesday was an easy day. The whole region from Nasugbu to Lemery (which is about 6-8 towns) were all out of electricity from 8AM to just after 6PM. That is something I definitely won't miss, having the electricity cut at any time. It's just too hot in this country to go a whole day without electric fans. The members asked me to go play basketball with them at night, which I did, before rain stopped the games early. It was a good sweat, and a good last bonding with some of the members. From there we went to visit some of the members from Barangay 12, who are most of my closest friends in the area. They fed us, and then we left for home.

Wednesday I was basically packing all day. At about 4PM we left Nasugbu to go to Batangas City. My companion then went to San Pablo, while I stayed in Batangas for the night. I changed my mind last minute because there was 3 other missionaries travelling with me to the Cabuyao Zone.

Thursday was the transfer day. We left the Batangas Terminal at about 10AM, and got into the Turbina terminal around 11AM. We spent a little bit of time at the Jollibee chilling with the other missionaries, before most of us separated, and went back to our areas. 

My area is Calamba 3rd branch, and even though it's in Calamba City, our area is way up in the mountains! It's easy to get down to the city and stuff like that though, so it's not too bad. Nice & quiet too, which is cool. The new apartment is small, but nice. It has aircon but it's broken, lol. That night my companion took me around to meet the members. My companions name is Elder Ancla, and he's a Pinoy and has been out about 3 months.  I'm his follow up trainer.  I'm still the DL, there's 12 missionaries in my district, and 4 sisters too.

Friday and Saturday was just work, and Sunday was my first Sunday. Here they have Sacrament last, which was something I've never experienced in the mission. I'm also back down to a small attendance with only a meeting house, which is like the polar opposite of my last area.

In the middle of Sunday School I was asked to give a talk in Sacrament, so I took the opportunity to share with the members about Missionary Work. I asked them if they would work with us if they want to see real growth in this area. Finding, visiting, fellowshipping, and most importantly doing home & visiting teaching will go miles for a small branch. Members + missionaries is the team that works.

Anyway, this week will be more settling in with the work.


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