Sunday, 11 September 2016

News this week!

Week 93
05th September 2016

We had a good week this week. We spent most of the week coming home earlier than normal as me & my companion both took turns with little sicknesses. Mine was a headache, so I just drank a lot of water. 

I get comments all the time that I look like a light skinned Philippino. Only thing different is my brown hair and not-so-flat nose. Glad I don't have a flat samoan nose!

Played some basketball with some of the people from around our subdivision/ complex, and made a few friends from it. They got really interested in talking to me when I tried to dunk on one of the boys, and they were mocking him because he only came up to my armpit when he jumped to block my shot. The dunk missed obviously because I can't jump high enough, but I made a lot of friends from it. Slowly and surely, we're entering parts of the gospel into our conversation, so it's been cool. They seem really interested in the fact that I'm from Australia and came to the Philippines just to share the gospel. The great thing is that they are the ones asking the questions! We may ask them if they want to be taught this week, but there are a lot of them.

Our district meeting was a good one. New district, new faces, and a lot of faces! That was something new. Having a lot of missionaries in my district is something I've never experienced in my mission, ever. I gave the workshop, and it was great that everyone got involved and answered questions, and overall participated. My topic that I gave myself was "Establishing Zion in our areas & as a district." The missionaries had a lot of good ideas. Focused most of the workshop on Moses 7:18, and D&C 88:119. Was a bit outside the box thinking, but it worked well.

I have my first exchanges with the Calamba 1 elders later tonight. I'm with Elder Purawan in his area. Should be cool. Other than that, this week is Zone Training Meeting on Wednesday, and then just back to my area to work!

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