Friday, 19 December 2014

Moving on...

Week 4
19th December 2014

The day the old senior batch left was sad, our district in particular had a close bond with the older batch. Had some good memories with them, but life goes on. The best part though, most of them live in Australia and New Zealand, so after my mission I'm paying a visit to all the New Zealand missionaries I meet out here, all the Elders have already made plans for when I go over.

That's cool that the Garden City has been nearly finished. I went once or twice before I left and I enjoyed it's size. Can't wait to get back from the mission and see what's changed.

Okay, I won't buy KFC every night, but just remember I used to eat KFC at least twice or three times a week. So it wouldn't be too much of a change! But don't be surprised if I send photos in the field with me and my companion and/or flat sharers are munching on KFC on the regular. :) Say "whats up" to everyone at KFC for me!

Nothing has been too difficult here at the MTC, I've recently started writing out all the Tagalog grammar and sentence structure etc.

Today we find out who the new Zone Leaders are, my companion and I are hoping it's not us. There are a lot of language missionaries in the MTC right now, and we don't want to be in charge of so many haha. But whatever happens, I'm happy either way. 

On Wednesday we went out into the big world and went proselyting with the in-field missionaries in the Quezon City mission. My companion for the afternoon was a Philippino missionary, and he has only been out in the field for 10 weeks. 

The area we were in was jam-packed with lots of people and very small homes. Quezon City is also very dirty, and smells everywhere, but there are also a lot of basketball hoops hanging nearly on every corner. My Tagalog needs a lot of work, so I'm trying to study extra hard so I can easily hold a conversation and teach all the lessons.

Just got back from the temple. Still got two more sessions before I hit the field.  Anyway lunch is soon. :) 

Elder Crichton and Elder Rameka (New Zealand)
Elder Crichton and his district outside Manila Temple

Elder Crichton and Elder Masih (Melbourne)

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  1. Great update Brandon, missing you and Taylor loads. Keep safe, yr in our daily prayers always, luv Makai family xx