Monday, 8 December 2014

Study and Learning

Week Two
5th December 2014

I went do my visa last Friday and today we went to the temple. 

This week we just had lessons learning, language learning and study, study, study. 

I've continued to eat like crazy :) 

This week we picked up two new "investigators" at the MTC, my Tagalog is slowly getting better but on the whole it's progressing a lot slower than I want it to be. 

We've been playing a lot of basketball and volleyball here. My companion and I  wake up at 5.15am every morning to get a morning run in before breakfast and classes. Then we have gym time at 3pm so it's good for us to have two runs a day. 

We do a lot of singing in our district too, and we've been splitting ourselves into different parts and lately I've been taking bass. I think I'm becoming a better singer but still need a lot of work haha.

Send everyone my love, and let them all know that I'm working hard to be a good missionary. I miss everyone at home but I'm doing my best to pass time and try to forget about my own stuff and get on with the Lord's work.

Been busy with helping the new missionaries around the place - new intake this week!

Taken just after Sacrament Meeting

Elder Crichton and Elder Faka'i

Elder Crichton and Elder Strickland from Auckland New Zealand

Outside the Manila Temple

Manila Temple

Old hands at MTC as the new intake arrives

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