Friday, 12 December 2014

Typhoon Update

Week 3
12 December 2014

We just got back from the temple. Had a good session again this morning.

This week was a good week, my Tagalog vocabulary is expanding heaps and I'm getting more confident teaching our investigators in Tagalog more than English, which is great. 

I bought myself a Tagalog Old and New Testament and a Triple Combination all in Tagalog as well, came to maybe $1.70 Australian money, I couldn't believe it!

Everything is still well here in the MTC, the langauage intake above me leaves this coming Wednesday, which makes my intake the senior intake in the MTC. Not looking forward to it, as on Friday next week we find out who the new Zone Leaders are for the language training missionaries. I'm hoping it's not me and my companion, because being District Leader is hard enough!

No service for us in the MTC with the Typhoon's clean up, but I can imagine when I get our into our mission field we will be doing some cleaning up still.  The typhoon didn't really hit the MTC, just two days straight of rain and lots of wind which was great. 

I really dislike walking in between buildings and feeling the humidity outside after walking out of building where the air-conditioning blasts 24/7. Lots of people have been getting sick here, I haven't been sick yet though, but I've already given three blessings to other missionaries who have been sick in my district.

Not feeling much heavier after the first few weeks of eating, hopefully that changes in the last two weeks, I need to put some beef on before I go out!  I think the first night we get out to the mission president's home me and the other San Pablo missionaries are going to order heaps of KFC to celebrate. :)

Lots of love to everyone!

Elder Crichton and Elder Sivo from Fiji

Studying hard! Elder Crichton, Elder Tagiloa (Sydney) and Elder Finau (Auckland)

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