Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Week 49
02nd November 2015

This week was a good one for sure. The baptism is definitely the highlight for the week, and I'm feeling pretty good about everything going on in this area. We have another baptism scheduled for November 21, and we're hoping to schedule another 2 on December 5 or 12, depending on the progress of each investigator.

We had 1 investigator come to church yesterday, in fact the attendance was just low full stop, but can't complain, we had a lot of less-actives come that I'd never seen before at church until yesterday, some of them I hadn't even met - we'll be doing the visits round there this week, we have a lot of people to visit actually, it's great! Busy as, heaps of fun with people, and I learn something new every day.

The baptism was cool, our new recent convert's name is Joshua, and he's only 16 years old. He's great, and he has a strong testimony of the gospel of the Jesus Christ, and is pretty keen to serve a mission. Hopefully he follows through with the talk though, but I have great faith that he will. He's adopted, and his family that he lives with now are all members except the father, maybe it's time to start talking to the father.  After the baptism we went back to the house to eat some dinner with them.  

Our next 3 investigators for baptism should be sweet to follow through. Our baptism on November 21 is a 9 year old girl name Keycee. Next one is the girlfriend of Bishop's RM son, and the last investigator is the wife of another recent convert who was baptized in April.

This coming week, we have got tonnes of work lined up. 

In regards to the packages, I haven't got anything yet, but they might come through this week when the Zone Leaders go to San Pablo for their MLC (Mission Leadership Council) or I might even get my District Leader to grab them, because they have a District Leader Meeting in San Pablo as well. 

Work and more work this week, so lots of interesting things happening. We are going to try and give out a few more Baptismal Goal Dates, but we won't set them in stone. Definitely got to keep finding new investigators, so our teaching pool keeps getting bigger. We're pushing through a lot of work here in our area, my companion and I  are taking it upon ourselves to visit as many less-active members as we can. We have a ward list, a Bishopric Action List, and a Prospective Elders list, and we are going out looking for all these people. All this was presented to us by the Assistant's in a workshop they gave last zone interviews with President Mangum. There are quite a few potential baptisms, so I'm looking forward to the work in the next transfer.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but the clippers work great! Way better than the clippers you can buy here in the markets, they're rubbish as haha. Elder Faka'i cut my hair when we were over there for Stake Conference, but I left them there, so I'll be grabbing those so I can cut my companion's hair. Last haircut I did was for Elder Nikau, and that worked out well, let's hope and pray my companion's haircut will work out the same, lol!

Don't play quite as much basketball ... sometimes while we're tracting in a certain area, we walk past a little court and the kids ask me to play with them. They love tossing me alley-oops, because here in the Philippines I'm sure that's a rare treat.

At the Antimonan bus terminal going home with the ZL's.

Just a random rock in the middle of the barangay.

Me in a tricycle carriage - Width is fine, but height is a different story.

Meet our new Recent Convert!


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