Saturday, 14 November 2015

This weeks news..

Week 50
9th November 2015

First concern of yours regarding the earthquakes -  no effect whatsoever on our area, just bipolar as weather. Sunny as heck for 5 minutes, then pouring with rain 5 minutes later!

Sounds like the Sydney break was cool, catching up with all the people you wanted to. That's cool about catching up with Elder Latu, time flies huh? His first area was our ward!

The past week was a fairly good one. We had a fair amount of success, and we  had 3 investigators at church, they're all our progressing ones, so I'm pretty happy. All week though, I was just plodding through, patiently waiting for our zone p-day, which we just finished before. 

Wednesday we had a good district meeting, and I really love my district right now, everyone is close. In fact, basically our whole zone is super close. 

On Friday, we found a less-active family that has a 9 year old and 10 year old that they want to get baptized. Of course, I told them first they need to come to church, we'll see how it all goes. They didn't make it to church yesterday though.

We have another baptism coming up on November 21 which we're preparing for right now, should be good. The baptismal interview is on Friday, and my companion will be baptizer again. I don't mind not being the baptizer, I just teach while my companion gets changed back into normal clothes. It's another little 9 year old girl thats getting baptized, and she is excited too.

The zone p-day was cool, we played a bunch of games as a zone, then had a feed, and ended the day relaxing. We're still in Lopez at the moment, and will be heading home to Gumaca later this afternoon to go teach our recent convert, as well as some investigators we have.

Coming week, got Zone Training Meeting in our chapel, thank goodness. The pamasahe will be super cheap. Straight after the meeting, we're supposed to be on exchanges with the Zone Leaders until Friday morning, but I'm not sure if it's confirmed.  

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