Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Work is Going Great!

Week 51
16th November 2015

The week was okay, I was sick for 3 days with a bad cold, so we didn't get much work done on those days (Tuesday - Thursday), but I tried my best to make up for it from Friday to Sunday and I think we had a fair amount of success.

We had Zone Training Meeting on Wednesday, and the Assistants were in attendance. It was a good meeting, and it basically about following-up commitments that we give investigators. We ate at this restaurant called Kapit Bahay (which in English means, Next-door neighbours), and man the food was mean! The whole zone was there, enjoying this yum as food, couldn't believe how good it was!

The baptism preparations are going great! We had the baptismal interview on Saturday for our investigator, and the baptism will be going ahead this Saturday at 4PM. There's not many better ways to celebrate my 1 year mark than by having a baptism, pretty dope to me. Our candidate is very excited, she can't wait to be baptised!

The work here is going great too! In other parts of our work, we believe we have found 4 or 5 more upcoming baptisms, and they could all be baptized before the new year. We have 3 children of a family that are unbaptized, and one of the recent converts here in Gumaca, his wife has been coming to church for a little while, and yesterday she said she was willing to take the lessons, so we taught her last night! 

The work is moving so well for us here, and I'm loving it. Every night I come home exhausted, and after doing the area book and daily planning, I fall on my bed and die, then realize I have to say prayers first haha, but sometimes I fall asleep on my knees during my prayers hahaha.

The work this week should be cool. We have exchanges with the Zone Leaders on Wednesday after District Meeting, and I'll be working with Elder Aisa. Then Thursday night until Saturday morning we are with the Antimonan Elders for exchanges with our District Leader. All of them want to work in Gumaca, so we will be hosting them in our apartment. Luckily we tidied up and re-arranged the apartment so there's more space!

We went to Church yesterday and were assigned to speak in Sacrament... had to pull it out of nowhere! 


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