Friday, 27 November 2015

It's been one year!

Week 52
23rd November 2015

Sorry, won't be able to chat for long today, because I'm off to San Pablo later today for a meeting, because I'm training next transfer. I get to train a brand new missionary next transfer but I won't know who it is til then. Transfers is next Thursday and I think I will be training here in Gumaca as my companion has been here for 6 months now.

Honestly, I am a bit hesitant to train, but if the Lord wants me to, I guess I up for it. I'm lucky in that my second dad, Elder Santos is going to be training with me, so I won't be so stressed. Not too excited to be training!

Today was a solid P-day though, we played some touch this morning, as we (Elder Faka'i, Elder Aisa, and I) taught all the other Elders the rules, and we had a good game. There was tonnes of hilarious moments, and much more fun.

The baptism on Saturday was great, and so were the exchanges on Friday with the Antimonan and Malinao elders. We had tri-some exchanges, and I was with Elder Dela Cruz and Elder Costales. We're all actually batch, so people would ask who came into the mission first, we couldn't answer because we're all batch. They stayed until Saturday morning, and we ended up using the cake mix that you sent - we put it in some little tins then slid it into what we use to toast bread - bought some ice cream and soft drinks, and had a little party for my 1 year mark. The baptism topped it off me, and made the whole day super cool.

We did have a rough Sunday though, it was the first time since I've been here in this area that we had ZERO investigators at church, I took that pretty roughly. SO, when I get back on Wednesday, me and my companion will be focusing on the importance of church attendance, and using that focus for everyone, because I don't like having to say that we had no investigators at church, even if we did have a baptism.

Other than that, everything is going good, I'm feeling good, and just ready to attack this next week.


My one year celebrations!

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