Thursday, 3 December 2015


Week 53
30th November 2015

For all the excitement for last week, nothing much happened this week. I was sick the whole week! It was so boring, all I did was sleep all day, and could barely eat because of something in my stomach. 

I came home Tuesday night from San Pablo and got a fever, a pretty high one. I had that for a couple of days, then my stomach was playing up until Saturday. I'm off to the hospital later to check if I have parasites or something.

This coming week is transfer week. My companion is off to Mindoro, in my old district. I leave to San Pablo on Wednesday to pick up my new companion on Thursday.

That last picture is egg and corned beef - just to prove I do cook!  haha.. even though it was just tip the can out and heat up!

Sorry it's short, but I was sick, and nothing happened lol.

SEE! I can cook!!!

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