Sunday, 13 December 2015

New Companion

Week 54
07th December 2015

Update from being sick last week - Yeah, so I was feeling so good I didn't even go to the hospital, and I don't regret it. My health has been on the up since Monday and I've gained a lot of the weight back that I lost, so all is well with me and my health. I was thinking about the hospital while in the house and decided I didn't need to go. I've barely ever visited a doctor in my life and I've been alright, so why go now?

Wednesday me, Elder Snyder, and Elder Santos took off to San Pablo to sleep there for the night. We hit the mall and ate, then went for a little look around. I ended up buying another cardigan, lol. We stayed in San Pablo 4th ward apartment for the night. And then came the day... 

Thursday morning I said goodbye to Elder Snyder, who is off to Mindoro, then got ready to go pick up my new companion. So, there were 3 foreigner trainers, and 3 new foreigner missionaries. Yep, the 2 Samoans (Me and Elder Nikau) got the 2 Americans, and the 1 American trainer got the 1 Fijian missionary. 

My companion's name is Elder Rasmussen, and he's from Utah... He's about a month older than me in age, and he will be great to train with. 

How about, I gave him the worst start to his mission. I left the apartment keys in San Pablo, and we had to go sleep in Lopez for the night, and wait for the Zone Leaders to get back from San Pablo with our keys before we could get into the house!!

Friday came, the Zone Leaders got back from San Pablo early because they got the wrong week for their MLC. I took my companion to the apartment, and he unpacked. We got around to our weekly planning, and I showed him all the things he needs to know about weekly and daily planning.

The work wasn't the greatest this week, we didn't get as much done. Nearly all of our visits were with our recent converts, except when we had dinner last night with Bishop. That was the bomb! I tried to finish all the food because I was last at the table, and I almost did, except for a couple of pieces of fried chicken. I was full after that one, couldn't walk too, so I just sat there and stretched my stomach until I could walk.

This coming week is basically showing my companion around the area, finding more investigators, getting more work done, and trying to overall, build up the Gumaca Ward. 

It's been pretty hard so far in this area, and I haven't seen much growth in attendance, and our investigator attendance has dropped down to one a week, but we'll keep working hard, and trying to get work done, and share the Gospel.

Christmas zone conference is on December 22 I think, so yeah, pretty close. 

Last but not least, I got Popo and Granddad's package they sent. Much needed, especially the white shirts.

About the Skype, I'll try the morning of the 26th, I can't do it afternoon or night because our Ward Christmas party had to get postponed to the 26th from the 19th for a Stake RS activity at our chapel. I think the morning will be good, unless someone appears and wants to get baptized then, lol. I'll let you know, but 26th so far is set. 

Meet my new companion - Elder Rasmussen

Pizza Hut!


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