Monday, 21 December 2015

Post Typhoon Update!

Week 56
22nd December 2015

The storm was alright, we just had lots of rain, we did have a bit of wind, but nothing damaging so all is good in my area. No need to get down and dirty giving service. Me and my companion were just in the chapel for 2 nights, then we could go home. Power was on, water was on, so it wasn't bad at all in our area. Mindoro got smashed, people died in Mindoro, and one of my batch, Elder Raymundo, told me that the Branch President of my last area, where he is now, lost their house. Lots of things happened in Mindoro. I saw it on the news in a members house. Just wish I was back in Pola and could help out right now.

Zone Conference was only yesterday. We traveled late on Sunday night, because we had a lot of appointments, and we slept in Lucena. The conference started at 9AM, and it was awesome! Loved the conference, and catching up with tonnes of missionaries. I didn't realize how many people I knew. We had games too, and that was funny as. Food was mean too. Had a whole pig on a table, with tonnes of other stuff, so I was heaps full after 2 plates.

Training is going okay. I'm doing everything I can to help my companion learn to speak Tagalog. We studied it up on Saturday, about things we can do to help him improve. It should only get better, and one thing is he thinks he is a lot worse than he really is. I told him he needs to practice speaking Tagalog to the Philippino missionaries, and it will be a lot easier from there.

Other than that, this week should be full on work tomorrow, Thursday, and Sunday. I'm looking forward to the Ward Christmas Party, which should be fun, and lots of food too, so can't complain. 

I'm actually looking forward to New Years, because I want to get some fireworks and light them up on the night, but we'll so how that goes. We usually stay up playing games and eating. Still got all those games but we only play uno though. It's THE GAME in our zone right now.

We had a Ward Council on Sunday too (finally), and it was good. I realized that the ward is more willing to help than I thought, so from now on the work should go really well. We also took out Joshua, one of my recent converts to work, and he loves working with us after one day. He wants to work with us every day! It's awesome, so we will be having him work with us more often now.

Well, that's all the news we have right now. We have a baptism on January 30. It should have been on January 2, but due to some things that need to be done on our part, and things done on the part of our investigator, we moved it back, but our investigator is really excited. The first time we invited her to church in November, and she hasn't missed a Sunday since! We're also hoping to have 3 more baptisms on the 30th too, 3 children of a less-active family.

For Christmas day we were told we could go anywhere in our area to visit families and they will feed us so will probably be all over the place.

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